Friday, May 01, 2009


  • 1 - dance party on Mom and Dad's bed thursday night
  • 5- the number of gang signs hidden in that video
  • 3- the number of kids that melted down before bedtime
  • 50- Ultrasounds done today at Women's program
  • 8- the time we're taking Paige to check out the horse place friday morning
  • 1- the number of older biological sisters visiting from Washington that Hope and Phoebe get to meet for the first time ever friday night
  • 22- the number of times we have tried to reach the birth mom of the three girls to tell her we want her to come with us for this amazing reunion (edit to add: we finally got a hold of her a bit ago - she is freaking out excited ... can you imagine?!)
  • 4- chunks of tara skin in jars delivered to the pathologist today
  • 26 - more days till the results come back
  • 1- appointment with cartoon Dr. Edna missed today
  • 6 - the number of visitors arriving friday
  • 2- the number of visitors staying here for the weekend
  • 4 - day weekend for the kids - hurrah for Haitian holidays!
  • 0 - cable tv, any tv, amusement parks, any parks, shopping, or chuck E cheese - it matters not. we make fun. *that* is what we do here people.
  • 2004- the year I started trying to upload this video- our internet is that insanely slow
  • 0 things left to say