Monday, May 11, 2009

Naked Back Ladies

For some reason, the naked back lady with giant booty and hair in a bun paintings are big in our area of town. We've not yet purchased one though. We saw that someone got to our blog by googling "Haitian Babes" and another by "Naked Haitian Girls" so we thought we'd add yet another category to draw all the total pervs in as new readers.

Today I will be helping Beth make John very mad by getting rid of massive amounts of his crap. We are cleaning out "his room". He is already in full pout mode, but it matters not. We MUST get that room ready before the influx of summer guests. I will be pulling samples of what sorts of things he finds it necessary to save. On Saturday I opened a random drawer and found a letter from voter registration about the 2004 election. *That* was certainly something he needs to hold on to forever and ever. He said he was holding on to it because he still hasn't decided yet. For all of you who find John a peculiar specimen, I will happily reinforce that belief while completing today's project.