Thursday, May 07, 2009

Horse People

Paige went for her trial lesson. They teach English riding, whatever that means. I know nothing about horses - I just know Paige has been interested for a long time. And I think having a fun thing to do this summer will be a positive thing for her. The little kids can take turns coming along and petting horses and watching. It was crazy to us that this possibility existed here! We learned there is more than one club to choose from too.

We purposefully chose the sweet, soft-spoken Haitian guy that speaks Creole, French and English to teach her trial lesson. We figured Paige would be happy to work in English or Creole.

We purposefully did not choose the teacher that speaks 90% French, even though he totally entertains us. He is over-the-top hyper and animated but very hard to understand. None of us speak French.

Her lesson was going well, she was having a blast., but about 3/4 of the way through the lesson the French guy stepped in to take over. It kind of bummed us out to see him walk over the other guys' teaching but in the end it did provide many laughs. He helped Paige with her posture by repeating over and over and over and over the word "straight" - only it sounded like this:

Troy is a good sport to grant my wish at mocking this poor man who will now never be photographed, named or shown on this blog.

Even we have limits.

(And yes, of course we know our accents sound funny when we attempt a second language too.)