Sunday, May 03, 2009

Things that would be odd elsewhere- but not here

  • 1am- Get up, see street light on, dance around for joy that the city has decided to provide some power
  • 7am- Pour Coffee, strain out two bugs, drink and enjoy anyway
  • 9am- Sweat through back of shirt before church begins
  • 12pm- Driving home from church, pass 100% nude adult man standing completely still as if in a trance in center of the busiest road in Port au Prince
  • 12pm- Offer him a ride - no - not really
  • 1pm - Go to Beth & John's for ham that was brought into Haiti in a carry on suitcase
  • 3pm- Put out icecream and watch as adult people act like vultures that have not been fed in weeks, especially john mchoul who was 1st in line for dessert and went to the hallway to hide while he ate it (like someone might take it away from him?)
  • 6pm- Decide it's popcorn for dinner tonight - make announcement - the crowd cheers as if they have just been given a great gift