Friday, May 29, 2009

Toss this training book out...

Above 85 degrees - the suggestion is: Forget it.

I don't think that training philosophy will work here. :) Maybe my trainer will arrange for Mother Nature to schedule only cloudy cool Fridays from here on out.

We met up with Mr. E for a total tour of the path he created around the Petionville Club and it was about a 1.5 mile loop of amazing beauty. Trees, flowers, grass ... it is nothing like the other running path we follow along Kenz Oktobe - nothing like it. (well - it is not a path - it is just a road with sidewalk here and there - and I use the word road loosely)

The hills are pretty steep and it will be like a trail run - but that's okay, I still love that challenge a lot more than the challenge of trying not to get flattened by tap-taps and UN trucks.

We have our plan and I got the okay to run there Fridays for four months. I will pack a little cooler of water, gatorade, powerbars and sunscreen and hide it along the path.

I even got a T-shirt. Meet my Haiti training sponsor:
Thank you Mr. E for allowing me to use the club - I'll try to get the club some ink in MN in October. :)

Thank you also for making up funny stories along the path and delivering them with such a serious matter-of-fact tone that I was gullible enough to believe them. Every time I am on the brick steps I will think of Henri Christophe and of your excellent sarcastic storytelling skills.