Monday, May 18, 2009

Shutting down another flag day

Flag Day was totally uneventful. It was a non-work day in Haiti. We had big aspirations for family fun - but then we remembered that the idea of going out with all the kids - is way more fun than the reality. And staying home costs less!

Paige did homework while Tess played with kids. Troy worked on Medika Mamba tracking and promotion and computer and plumbing issues. I argued with Citi Bank and tried to fill out forms and meet requirements for proving health appointments and bills in a country that scribbles on a piece of paper and calls it an invoice.

I am trying to convince the folks at our health care co-op that we just don't roll all official and uptight here in Haiti. Napkins count as official documents and credit card receipts are about as specific and itemized as a Doc is going to get. It says what we paid and the Doctor's name. Good enough right? I actually said in my cover letter, "The Doctor smoked and took phone calls while cutting large chunks of flesh out of my chest. I think an itemized American-style bill might be more than we can expect." Hopefully they can lower their expectations and reimburse us the Benjamins.

After Sloppy Joes and rice and beans for dinner, the babies fought for attention from Troy - and I captured this small piece of a game of Hop on Pop. *That* is the wrap up of Flag Day 2009.

Please forgive us for the topless chicks.

Two more sleeps until Grandma and Grandpa get here. 7 days of school left.

More information about Medika Mamba and how you can get involved soon ...