Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Against the Odds

The photo is of the Heartline "group truck" loaded with patients. It was purchased very recently to transport visiting short-term teams around. In our wildest dreams (nightmares) we could never have imagined how timely the purchase of this truck would be. We now use this truck to go into the poorest areas of Simone Pele, Wharf Jeremie, and Cite Soleil each day. (Isaac was born in Wharf Jeremie, Hope and Phoebe were born in Cite Soleil.) After the patients are treated we bring them back home in this truck. They are given a card with their return date on it so that they can come back to the clinic for dressing changes. Each day the drivers look for new cases and tell those with return appointments to watch for the truck to come in for them. It is a imperfect system that seems to be working.

Yesterday a man was pulled from the rubble ALIVE - on day 14. I don't know how that can be true - but it proves our point about the Haitian people.

A few days ago a little girl smiled while having her fingers amputated.
Over and over mind-numbing injuries that are now two weeks old -- yet the people are stoic, strong, long-suffering, graceful ... resilient beyond comprehension.

Against the odds, the people of Haiti will endure.