Sunday, January 17, 2010

A week ago

Just one week ago today I was in Disney World in Orlando, FL running a marathon with many good friends. It was a major accomplishment for Heartline Ministries and we were all so thrilled to have it finished and to officially thank our donors for supporting our effort.

I returned home after three days in Florida on Monday the 11th at 5pm.

24 hours later the world changed.

I had no idea how easy those 26.2 miles were until now.

Last Sunday feels like a lifetime ago.

*This* is a marathon like no other.


Assuming the team truly lands sometime today (we hear they are on the way but are cautious to immediately believe it), tomorrow we will begin a clinic in our area. Amazing people from all over the world have been offering their skills. Gifts are being received and put to use. We thank you for responding with love. You are awesome.

We're hearing of people getting help and we're hearing of a lot more waiting. I feel sick thinking about people still waiting to be pulled out of rubble and suffering that way for so long. I don't know at what point the effort switches from rescue to recovery. Maybe that is already the case.

This city is more densely populated than I can fathom. The work ahead in Port and other areas is mind-numbing. I know there are tons of efforts being made -- some of which you'll never get to hear about on media or blogs -- pray for those behind the scenes working hard too - those not getting the awesome encouragement that some of us have been blessed to receive.

For our clinic, pray that the people that need us - find us - and that the talented Docs and Nurses and other medical professionals are granted unusual strength and courage and the ability to trust God while they do things that they have never done before and see things they have never seen before ... in order to better serve the Haitian people - who so deserve and need - love, and help, and respect, and dignity, in their darkest hours.

God be with them. God be with us.

We believe we will see miracles this week.


P.S. -
A month ago our kids and Troy did this little Christmas play the truth of Christ's birth and sacrifice on the cross is even more in the forefront of our minds today.

May you know Him better and the depth of his love for you in these difficult times.

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