Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two hours later ...

Jen and I were on the way to go try to help the Salvation Army people with their baby when Beth called to say that Jen and the Anesthesiologist were needed asap. The lady that Beth and Jonna had in labor needed an emergency c-section due to an abruption.

We grabbed Dr. Steve and got to the house in less than five minutes. Dr. Chris the OB/GYN was ready to go ... in five minutes baby boy was out and Jen was working on getting him breathing again. Chris sewed Mom Jenny back up with the help of Jonna ... Dr. Jen gave baby tons of oxygen ... and all is well.

Having an OB Doc & ER Peds Doc here saved Mom and Baby from certain death. Another three or four minutes and it would have been an entirely different story. These amazing Doctors are here in response to the earthquake, but got to help save a family from a different sort of disaster.

Again God showed Himself to us ... and the timing was perfect.

go away adrenaline - Goodnight!