Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We do not have TV here so we are not getting news reports. Only word of mouth reports. Troy has gone to try to locate a few of the people you've listed, including the Open Door Team, Sherrie Fausey's Orphanage, and Tom and Bev Brumbley, Espireandeu Pierre's family ... and others. IF you have asked us to look -- PLEASE let us know if you have the news you need so we can not waste time. Call the US Embassy and report good and bad news so families can be contacted. Thank you for praying.

Father God,
We love you. We need you. We are afraid and feel alone. On some level we KNOW that is NOT TRUE. But we are weak. Please make yourself known to us in a mighty way. Make all who are suffering brave. Give us courage. Give us strength. BE WITH THE HURTING God, be with them now. Amen.