Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wrapping up Saturday

Today the incredible team of volunteer Medical Peeps worked hard - saw 98 patients and rocked the house. (Different than the aftershock type of rock the house.) They had a good day overall and transported two of our patients for a higher level of care.

I spent a lot of my day with one patient, a 10 year old boy named Jean that had his foot and lower leg amputated on January 16th and was sent home with no follow up. He came in with his 65 year old grandma. She looked more like 85. I probably can only guess at the life she has led living in Wharf Jeremie. Jean's amputations was a hack-job and his bone was still sticking straight out of his leg ... they did not close it. So, this afternoon we took him to the U of Miami field hospital and they way they will revise the amputation and close it tomorrow. Jean was afraid and begging me not to let them cut it again but we all just tried to assure him that this time it would be different. I would hate to know what the first time was like for sweet Jean. I pray they don't forget him tomorrow (things are chaotic everywhere) and that he gets what he needs from the folks at U of M. Jean was brave and strong and with very little pain medication he coped like a champ.

If all of the stories could be told, I know you would be amazed and in awe of the strength of these people. Jen and I are convinced they are the strongest humans on earth. Did you see they pulled a man out alive today? That has to be some sort of record. I'm telling you - these people are tough as nails.

We saw Anderson Cooper up close - he is not tall. Just wanted to confirm that for everyone. ;) But he does have nice pipes. Jen and I really wanted a photo with him - but we had patients with us and we felt dorky asking.

Spending time at the hospital left me overwhelmed at the magnitude of this tragedy. Instead of seeming more "real" to me - it seems less real. I just cannot believe one little tiny country can have so much pain and suffering ... it seems too horrible to be real. I cannot imagine a day anytime soon where things might feel or seem normal. :( I guess I am a downer today.

I watched the system at this large field hospital and I realized that the needs are so much bigger than we can really ever meet. Hundreds and hundreds of organizations, both large and small, faith based and not, have responded and sent people to work ... and everyone is doing their best under the circumstances -- but it still does not feel like enough. Our little clinic/hospital is a tiny piece of a giant puzzle ... and it is odd to feel so so grateful for all that have responded and are on the ground doing their thing -- and yet still feel like the need cannot adequately be met. I know I need to go lie down, pray and give it back to God, and try to sleep.

Tomorrow is a new day.


OH - PS-
Beth just called, a lady is labor ... she and Jonna and Dr. Chris (our OB/GYN) are ready to deliver a baby. And right after that the Salvation Army called ... they have another lady delivering a baby that they want us to come get. Jen and I are off to do that while the others take care of the first Mom.

We can sleep when we're dead.

When Troy gets the photos from today uploaded to Flickr, I'll give you a heads up.

ALSO, we found our nurses. We're all set - thanks for the response.