Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day Nine - Degaje Net

Yesterday (Wednesday) - Troy spent the day getting supplies in the D.R. for whatever reason the big outfits are not helping the little NGO's with supplies and such - so we've been finding stuff ourselves and we've been finding favor. It is clear that politics and things on higher levels are causing a delay in adequate response. While that is totally discouraging - we've been networking together with other tiny NGO's to find a way around being snubbed by the big relief organizations. It is degaje net around here. (Degaje is the Kreyol saying that basically means 'make it work' - net is the kreyol word for 'all the way or alot').

Today we've had a new group of medical people come in. We have a few trying to depart. The organization of the people and learning their skill sets and trying to assign them a position had gotten really difficult. A man walked into my kitchen last night and (staying with another NGO worker that is crashing in our make-shift hotel) and he is a disaster response guy without work. I told him what we've been doing and why it has gotten difficult to administrate and he is now "our guy" and is here at the clinic setting up teams and organization - I have this feeling that he is a gift and I hope that all of our staff end up feeling the same way. We needed a strong administrator that ALSO has experience in dealing with disaster relief. Pray for Ed Lord and for our two head Doctors, Dr. McKnight and Dr. Halverson. Pray for unity and clear minds - this little operation we're running gets bigger day to day and organization will be key to our effect and success.

Our house is set up with room to sleep 20+ when I get home at night I have no idea who might be there. Different people have been sleeping over each night. At one time a few years back I could not deal with little messes without getting all uppity and cleaning it up instantly. Today I have friends and strangers in and out of my house and the place is totally unorganized -- crap everywhere ... but it is not bothering me yet. I let go of all of that need for perfect order and we're getting by without it. Hoping that will be true a week from now too.

Last night Troy walked in very late and one of our guests said, "Hi who are you and why are you here?" Wearily Troy said, "Well, I am Troy and I live here." :) The guest said, "Well then - make yourself at home." It's a little bit crazy. But we're still laughing.

I think we have five or six more coming in tonight to claim a spot at Hotel Livesay. Mints on the pillows optional.