Monday, January 11, 2010


(I had no idea that Orlando Florida could EVER be 26 degrees. )
Photo at start-5:30am

  • First time I have ever had the privilege of hanging out with a bunch of adoptive moms all at once - SO FUN
  • First time I've ever been part of such a amazing TEAM effort
  • First Marathon that started in the pitch black darkness
  • First marathon with fireworks at the start
  • First time I have run 26.2 without my sister
  • First time I have run 26.2 with so many friends
  • First time I have been with a fellow-runner pumping breastmilk on the way to a race in the car
  • First time I have been in a small Honda with seven people (and a breast pump) - traveling Haiti-style in Orlando, Florida no less
  • First time volunteers needed to warn you about ice on the ground as you approached the water stations- or ice in the glass of water
  • First time I've run without my family there to hug along the route (I missed you!)
  • First time I have ever experienced a miracle healing - my bad spot on my left leg was fine - the same leg that did not allow me to run one block (let alone 26 miles) just ten days ago
  • First time I found Disney's silly mottos to be a tad bit annoying. "Where dreams come true" - Uh yes, if your dream is to spend a fortune on a hotdog or to run a marathon mostly in their parking lots - sure - in that case - dreams come true
  • First time I have ever been in America and had no energy to shop
  • First time I am CERTAIN that we were lied to about the finish line - the last mile seemed like it would never end
  • First time I have ever been allowed a 55 pound bag by American Airlines for no charge
  • First time I have ever been given a medal so large it is too embarrassing to show anyone, let alone wear - the fastest runner on earth probably has much smaller medals
  • First time I have ever run that many hours and minutes in a row - slower finish means longer total time in motion
  • First time I have ever flown back into Haiti without any sense of sadness or heaviness - I guess three days is the right length trip to America - more than that just makes you miss the people you love way more
Also ...
  • Second time I have been to Orlando in the last decade - still amazed that there is a need for that many hotel rooms - and -
  • Third time in 12 months that I have left Troy alone in Haiti with all the baby girls (third time he totally owned that situation - but only because he is the bomb-dad-diddly) - and -
  • Fourth time I said "Thank God that is over - I'll never do that again."
Done and Done. Thank you for helping us buy our Ambulance - we get to go order it next week!