Saturday, January 30, 2010

Speed Blogging

  • The two brothers in the previous post (12 and 3 years old) ... both are home with their family in Cite Soleil. Mom promises to bring the little guy in for dressing changes daily.
  • A little 3 year old girl named Patricia got fast tracked to surgery today at the Miami Field Hospital, she has a serious abscess about to keep her from breathing that needed surgery - they responded to her need with urgency.
  • Jean was beaming when I checked in on him. He is getting some physical therapy and we'll check back on him Monday. His Granny is still with him.
  • Today a brand new three hour old injury came in. A little one year old boy named Benjerry. (Like the ice cream) had cement blocks fall on him today. Both of his feet were horrifically damaged, we were all pretty shocked at how bad his injuries were. Zach helped Paige and Jen get him transported to Double Harvest to see some surgeons there.
  • Most of today's patients were repeat dressing changes/wound care. There was a handful of new cases. One of the worst ones was a 13 year old boy that had gone to the D.R. after the earthquake but has not been seen since. His mom cried and cried while they worked on his foot. He will be lucky to keep it. We're praying that for him.
  • There is a little guy that needs skin grafts in order to ever get better. His hand is badly damaged. We're waiting to figure out who is doing skin grafts and try and get him there.
  • In many ways the cooperation between organizations has improved. The little guys are helping each other and even finding favor with the big guys once in a while. We've all traded ideas, numbers, supplies, personnel, and have generally networked together for the greater good. When it works - it REALLY works and it is fun to be a small part of something so unique.
  • There is a 15 year old girl named Naomie in the Heartline "Hospital" that had a piece of rebar go straight through her leg, side to side. She remains positive on her fifth night with the nurses and we're hoping for miraculous healing.
  • On the way from the hospital side of the operation to the clinic (a short drive) Troy got to eavesdrop on the patients in the truck. The truck passed the two nurses that are so graciously working the night shift as they were walking (Laura and Theresa both from Children's Hospital in Minnesota) and they were raving about how wonderful the care was and just generally going on and on about how good these two particular ladies from America are. Troy later told the two nurses and got all teary passing along the appreciation. Everybody enjoys seeing Troy cry, especially over mushy things like this.
  • Troy and Greg are out on the patio laughing and playing guitar and singing. Listening to them is cheering us all up. They are going to lead worship at church tomorrow night. I hope they don't do Rocky Mountain High (John Denver fans?) again tomorrow night. That's just weird. I also hope they don't cackle like they are right now.
  • There is so much more ... but a longer night of sleep is calling me. Goodnight.