Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fear Not ??

I have not had trouble with nightmares for several nights.

Until tonight.

I'm not sure why but I have this odd fear hanging over me tonight. I keep dreaming that the injured earthquake patients that still need help are standing by the side of the bed screaming and begging. They are all so bloody they look like they've left the set of a bad horror movie. They keep walking up to Troy's side of the bed and waiting for us to notice them, just standing by the bedside without arms.

Not a dream ... There is a helicopter somewhere near by that has been hovering in the same spot for a long time. A C-130 just flew over. The mosquitoes in our bedroom are atrocious and won't cut us a break tonight. It guess it is just a night to be awake at 3:45.

Last night we had a bunch of new guests arrive. Our house is at capacity. I think we have 36 people sleeping here. I don't know 32 of them. It was Minnesota reunion night for the most part. MN media was invited to stay here (not by us though, by someone that didn't ask.

I kind of chuckled because Troy-boy has successfully avoided interviews for so long - but now the camera guy and reporter are sleeping in our family room. So much for that plan. They seem very nice.  (Minnesota nice?)