Friday, January 22, 2010

What day is it?

Each morning we wake up and take about three minutes to remember what day it is.

It has been a week since our kids left - a week that feels like years. Today we're praying that a bunch of kids in the process of being adopted from Heartline might get on their own C-130 (photos from Paige - Ike- Hope - Noah- Lydia's ride last week are below) and go to their anxious families in America.

We are pretty sure this is Collette's Baby girl - named Esther. I burst in to tears every time I think about the Collette story. I love that she was not forgotten and that her baby was born under the care of these rock-star medical professionals. Amazing. (Photo taken from US Comfort Ship photos - without permission - hoping no one sues me.) I wish every Haitian waiting and hurting could receive this sort of attention.

Our kids finally agreed to "do media" - but only because it is one of Troy's best friends from High School doing the story. :) I guess Noah ran around saying "No filming no filming" and was not all that cooperative. That is why he never speaks (or shows his face) during the story. I am not the least bit surprised by that. He is an ornery little turkey, snubbing one of his Daddy's best friends. Sorry Matt!
Here is the story:

CLICK HERE to go to the Dallas FOX station.

Today is another long/full day of doing what we can to move people and supplies around the city. Praying that God brings the team more lives they can touch and that we'll all get an espresso shot of energy around 2pm.

It's 7:55 am on Friday and another strong after-shock just happened. I think we're all really ready for that fear to stop owning us. We're becoming adrenaline junkies.

**Plane photos taken by Erin Lancer, one of two moms that helped escort our kids.