Monday, January 04, 2010

Mesi Bondye

Lately our children have felt like a major challenge. (See photo evidence.)

Annie, Phoebe and Lydia are in a particularly difficult stage. (I have to tell myself it is a stage - it is a stage, isn't it?)

We've been saying since the day Lydie arrived on the scene, "It will get easier, one more year, it will be easier then." For whatever reason they are not getting easier. The three of them could drive even a Baptist missionary to drink.

Lydie is the hardest, Annie is second, Phoebe is third. None of them are potty trained, despite some solid efforts on the part of the experienced trainers. They always want the same person. Technically Annie could want Jeronne, Lydie could want me, Phoebe could want Troy. They prefer to all fight over the same person and scream and cry when they don't get what they want. Lydia and Phoebe no longer like nap and bed time. What used to be a very easy routine has turned into an exhausting task. Two and two and three are not turning out to be super easy ages for these particular little ladies.

Yesterday in a frustrated moment, while all of them were making a ton of racket, I said to Jeronne, "Nou gen twop timoun!" She said, "Madame Troy, Bondye bay ou timoun yo, ou bezwen di Mesi Bondye." (I said -We have too many children. She said - Mrs. Troy, God gave you these children, you need to say thank-you God.)

I thought about that a bit. She is right! And I am thankful for my children. I really am. But - I will be more thankful when I can reason with all of them and end this seven+ year streak of changing diapers. ;)

So, like we've been saying for more than two years ... it will get easier soon, maybe even next year.

Below, two children that can be reasoned with ... and are potty trained ...Whenever the four of us pose for a photo the girls kid about "The Original Four" - and tease about it being 'the good old days'. It was a simpler time, that is for sure. But I think we laugh about 50 times more a day now. And laughter is good. Both girls say they are thankful to have a large family. And, we are never bored (Or rested.)

Britt and Paige were asking us what in the heck we will do when Lydia sails off to college. I am not sure. I might take a three year nap while Troy fiddles with some hobby in the garage. What should we do?


We got up at 4:30 to bring Paige down to Leogane this morning. She is working with a medical team for three days. She is translating for them and getting to learn from them too. When I talked to her a bit ago she sounded chipper in spite of her crazy-early-wake-up-time.

The kids and I cleaned out closets and sorted through their clothing today. Noah brought me all of his "annoying" clothes that bug him and he does not want to wear anymore. I heard a lot of, "Oh Mom, this is so annoying too!" For him, that is pretty much all clothing except pajamas. He is a man of comfort and leisure. If we would allow it - he would never change out of his p.j.'s.

Troy and Chris are moving Medika Mamba around and out experiencing PAP as father and son-in-law. Britt and Chris celebrated their one year Anniversary by letting their adoring fans (all their younger siblings) jump on them in the swimming pool. I hope they find something more romantic to do once they are back in Texas.

This week is Simone Pele week for Womens Program, and a kick off of our Tuesday and Thursday programs. I am excited to see things grow and improve more this year. 2009 was a great year for our Prenatal program. Beth's little dream has grown into something big, God is good like that!

THANK YOU for helping us buy our emergency transport vehicle. What a huge blessings it will be to many women for a very long time to come. We have three ladies ready to deliver any time now. It has been a while since our last birth so we're all feeling ready for another one soon.

Tonight John and Beth are joining us for dinner. John needs a haircut more than he has ever needed one. Maybe I'll convince him the time has come. (?)

We're loving our time with B and C here - we (and they) will be busy the next few days with work and some play too. It has been a joy. They prove that two year olds really can grow up into decent and even kind young adults.

Late this week all the runners will head to Orlando. The race-events take place Saturday and Sunday. Please be praying for each person running. For many this is a first time marathon (or half) and that can be a little bit intimidating. For others it is a second or fourth or seventh marathon and that can be a little bit intimidating. I have a big decision to make before Sunday. I either have a tiny stress fracture, or a torn muscle. As of this moment running is still incredibly painful and I would like to run at least part of it, but I may have to walk the whole thing. I am waiting on my miracle healing and hoping to make the wisest choice on Sunday.


PS- Prayers for the Raines Family as they move to India to begin their great God-sized adventure. Prayers for the Petersen Family as they welcome their son into the world today. We love you guys!