Tuesday, January 12, 2010

God Help Us All

I am sorry for the short posts. We're doing what we can to tell you the little that we know. In our area of Tabarre near the airport there are some buildings down. There are walls (the cement that surrounds buildings) down all over. People are in the streets afraid to go in their house. The aftershocks continue but are decreasing in severity and length. We cannot call anyone on a Digicel phone yet. The internet is spotty here at the Guest House and non-existant at our house.

People are gathering in open places and praying. Many have injuries but do not seek medical treatment because they cannot count on that so they wait till morning. EDH went out as the quake hit and the area is pitch dark.

The reports that was best from an eyewitness in the hardest hit area of Carrfour was by Tipap ... he works with our family and he said that he saw "many many bodies" and that churches, schools, and homes had collapsed. He was in a Tap Tap (truck for public transportation) when it happened.

Jeronne cannot reach her family, nor can Tipap. We are all truthfully very scared. People are suffering in collapsed buildings and until daylight we don't even know how to report more -- it got dark about an hour after the main earthquake hit. We did not have time to go out and look around before darkness came.

I hear helicopters flying over often and hope they are helping the hurt and trappped - but there is not light to work with.

For my Family and Friends - I love you. I love you. I love you. I know you are praying. I feel it. Please do not stop.