Thursday, January 07, 2010

to blog or not to blog

that is the question.

I need to pack. I leave in 12 hours. Sitting here is irresponsible and clearly my chosen method of avoidance. I hate packing. I hate leaving.

All of the runners and any family that traveled with them will be meeting up for a group dinner on Friday night. Most runners are staying with their families. I cannot let Isaac find out I am going to be at Disney World so we are not speaking of it - just a marathon - location is not important! Paige and I are staying at the bachelorette pad and will be with our friends- Erin Lancer, Kristen Howerton, Jamie Ivey, and Kim Rhodes.

Troy is being a total champ. He has not yet said anything about how hard it will be taking care of the kids alone. Jeronne is leaving for the day Saturday. Still no complaints from Troy. Aaron Ivey and Mark Howerton are on Facebook whining and lamenting their wives leaving them with the kids ... Not Troy - he sets the standard for husbands and fathers everywhere and makes a fool of cry-baby-men all across the USA. (Texas and California in this case.)

We had such a strange week. We ended up doing mostly unplanned, last minute, yet very necessary things. More proof that planning in Haiti is a pointless discipline. When things change so much day to day and last minute, you really do lose your sense of urgency for long range planning. (Which drives most people nuts.) Who can plan for next month when they don't exactly know what is going to come up in the next thirteen minutes? (Not us.)

Chris and Britt head back to Texas tomorrow shortly after I leave for Florida. Our time went by too quickly. :(

We attempted another picture of all of the kids. We figured it would be nice to have one where the boys had shirts on. Lydie is nothing if not consistent. The piece of mozzarella cheese in her gaping mouth is rEALy attractive too.
And - If B and C had been here in time - the Christmas card we would have sent ... the remote control and camera on the dryer method worked again - but no shots of everyone looking.
Until the next time we are all together.