Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something Normal

For the first time since the earthquake (and the Marathon in Florida) Beth and I ran five miles together this morning. We both run as part of our day to day life and have for years. In 2009 we logged a ton of miles training for half and then full marathons. Missing two weeks of running is no huge sacrifice but today we both decided we needed to do something that heals and helps us. We need the serotonin and the physical boost. We need to create an illusion of normal.

It felt amazing to be doing something we did four or five times a week before the earthquake. The path we run looks very different now. Where there used to be buildings there are giant piles of cement spilling into the street. Where there used to be an open space to stretch and get away from the intensely populated area of Tabarre, there are now hundreds of people living in their cars, trucks, and along the side of the road. As we ran another missionary drove by and rolled his window down and said, "Doing something normal again, God Bless you!"

We cannot make this go away, we cannot wish Haiti back to her pre January 12 state. We cannot make any of this "normal". We can only keep running the race. By God's grace and provision we've been able to do that so far.

I received emails asking about following Troy on Twitter. Truthfully, we don't totally get the way Twitter works. Troy mocked it mercilessly for months before joining - which is just funny at this point. :) This is the link to his Twitter page. From here you'll have to figure out how to "follow" - the whole thing is a mystery to me. This is his flickr account for photos, he has been trying to get a few new ones uploaded every few days. This is the YouTube channel we post on - it has stuff going back to four years ago.

Another aftershock just a minute ago. I keep waiting for those to be finished for good. So does the rest of Port au Prince and surrounding areas.

with love from PAP,