Sunday, September 04, 2011

bromance part deux

The only part of the surprise that I couldn't share on Friday, because Troy didn't yet know ...  Aaron and Harold and a bunch of Texas friends went together to get Troy a one-of-a-kind custom made guitar.

That description means almost as little to me, as a good pair of stability running shoes would mean to Troy.  However, even a music-moron can hear that this guitar is crisp, loud, and absolutely beautiful sounding. 

Mark Lenaburg made the guitar ... Thanks to all of you that helped with this gift and especially thanks Mark. Troy hasn't stopped smiling all weekend. I am listening to him play it as I type this. The bonus gift is for me. I love listening to Troy play and sing ... the new guitar automatically equals more listening time for me.

With Aaron and Harold in town, only one weekend left of summer, and everyone named Livesay finally Malaria-free  - we decided to head north to the beach for Saturday and Sunday.

To our surprise after dinner Saturday night there were fabulous entertainment options.

A Filipino lady running Karaoke at a beach bar in Haiti ... Listening to a Brazilian guy sing the song from Evita (Don't cry for me Argentina) totally in falsetto ... Followed by another guy with a make-your-ears-bleed rendition of Sinatra's "My Way". 

What is weirder than this?  What is more fabulous than this? 

Troy and Aaron warmed up with Wind Beneath My Wings. Later in the night there was a trio of pretty impressive harmonies as a woman joined them to perform Lean On Me. (Jen has video to upload).

Troy went back to his roots (and by his roots I mean his parents roots) and sang some Simon and Garfunkel. At the very end of the night they finally figured out that the score had nothing to do with how good you sounded or your pitch. (They held the claim to lowest score.) It has everything to do with timing the words exactly as the machine has them timed.  Time them well and sound horrible, YOU WIN!!

They sang the second to last song and won with the high score of 97 on that goofy "I get knocked down" Chumbawamba song. The lady that they beat by one point had a mean looking and muscular boyfriend who wasn't too happy about them taking the prize bottle of wine in the final moments. I'm not saying that Aaron and Troy aren't totally ripped beef-cakes too.  Oh wait. Yes, I am saying that.

In the end the wine was shared and everyone left the contest happy. It was a very fun 32 hour getaway.

Thanks to Rebecca and Melissa for caring for Moses for us.

Tomorrow we head to our first Day of school ... we'll be on our way there in 12 hours. 

I have way too much to organize to be sitting here smiling at these dorks singing cheesy songs.