Monday, September 26, 2011

Prayers for Preggos Update

Esther & Lourdes Milla
Esther's baby is now head-down!  Thanks to prayers and the brilliance of Dr. Jen and Jonna  - with some help, on Friday the baby turned.  Esther came in at midnight last night very upset and afraid. She has a sister that died after giving birth.  She was not in labor last night but was emotionally causing herself to feel pain. Please be praying for her to be at peace in the final days before she delivers.

Lourdes Milla, the clown of the Harbor House, says she is having a boy. We're not sure of that -  but she says we should be. She informed us last night that she plans to deliver last. Now that Mirlene has delivered she is waiting for Alloune to give birth.  LourdesMilla seems ready and confident but won't likely deliver until October.
Widlene seems a bit apprehensive. We keep reassuring her that she is doing well and that her baby can safely be delivered any time now. She lost her first pregnancy/baby to preeclampsia and that has caused her to seem detached at times.  She called this morning to say she was having some pain that she thinks are contractions. She may be in early labor right now, later today when we know more we'll post an update in the comments section of this post.

Marie Rose "Mama Emmanuel"
"Mama Emmanuel" (Marie Rose Lundi) did not make it on the original list we posted, but she is also inside of the 36 week mark.  I apologize for missing her on that original list. We've been doing "distance" prenatal care for her. She lives in Petit Goave but really hopes to come up to Port to deliver with us at Heartline.  We're praying the timing will work out for her to do just that.  We have a relationship with her because her son Emmanuel recovered at the Heartline hospital for many months after the earthquake. Dr. Jen built a close relationship with Marie Rose.  Once they transitioned out of the hospital, their new house was built with funds you helped us raise! You can look at an old post and read more about them here.
Olina & baby Elizabeth

Olina is so excited to be having her first child.  She is 38 years old and couldn't be more ready.  She prays every day that her daughter will be born safely and soon.  Olina is a huge encouragement to us. Each week after we finish her consultation and pray for her, she also prays for us.  She is a beautiful lady and we're blessed to be a part of her care and delivery.

Alloune is exactly the reason Harbor House exists.  Like a few of the other girls, no family will come to stand by her side (or wait in the waiting area) during the birth of her baby. When she was five her mom decided to have her leave the country-side to go live in Port au Prince. She was supposed to be sent to school in exchange for doing some household chores - but that didn't happen. She worked for the family, but was never enrolled in school. She does not have a family support system  - but she has found a new family at the Harbor House.  In the previous post Alloune is the smiling beauty in the gray and plum colored dress.  She believes she is having a girl.  She says she is not afraid.  Once Alloune delivers we'll all cheer her on while she attends literacy class and learns to read and write.  We're anxious to see her grow even more confident as she realizes how smart and capable she really is!

The most recent deliveries (Sheila, Ylna, Mirlande, Jocelyn, Mirlene) were bathed in much prayer.  That is beautiful and humbling to us and the ladies.

These are the six ladies we think will deliver next.  Thanks for all you do to support them and us with your prayers and kindness.  We truly appreciate each and every one of you.