Sunday, September 18, 2011



The first of the eight babies we are waiting on has arrived.  Mirlande came Saturday around noon and spent the entire day slowly laboring.  She is very quiet and calm by nature and she labored the same way.

At 11pm things had slowed down a lot so we all went to sleep for about three hours.  At 3am she was dialated to 5cm.  At 4:55am she was dialated to 10cm.

She gave birth to her son at 5:05 am.  He is 6 pounds 2 ounces and his name is Michele - ELI .  Dad waited outside patiently all night and came in afterward to congratulate and comfort Mirlande. This is their fourth (and final they say) child.  They now have three boys and one girl.

Mirlande lost enough blood that had she delivered out in Camp Corrail where she lives it is fairly likely that she would have bled to death.  We had the meds needed to stop the bleeding. We're so thankful that the five Heartline houses out in that area meant that we were given an opportunity to meet her (the neighbor) and that Troy invited her to come to the prenatal program.  We're thankful for the prayers for Mirlande and we're grateful for those of you that give and pray and make this program possible.

Truly thankful for each of you,

Beth, Jonna, Heather & Tara