Friday, September 16, 2011

Due: Praying Persistently

We are thankful for those of you that make praying for these ladies and the other things we share an ordinary and regular part of your week. We cannot express to you how much your prayers matter. 

Every single woman we work with has a story and carries a heavy load; more than most of us can even imagine or understand. We so desire to see them safely deliver healthy babies. We work with a high-risk population; the prayers are necessary. Please pray with shameless audacity for these precious women. Prayer takes persistence and we humbly ask you to pray persistently for these amazing ladies.

Below are the 8 ladies that are 36 or more weeks pregnant.
If you're willing to choose one or two to pray for please
leave a comment indicating who you'll be covering.

Olina - 1st baby, already named Elizabeth

Esther - 1st baby
Mirlande - "Troy's girlfriend ;)" 4th baby coming

Mirlene - Harbor House 1st baby

Lourdes Milla- Harbor House 1st baby

Jocelyn -  5th baby coming any day

Widlene - her first baby died due to preeclampsia - second pregnancy

Alloune - Harbor House - 1st baby

For a thought-provoking sermon series on the importance of prayer that challenged our perspective on prayer and confirmed much of our thinking on spiritual warfare please go check out these links sometime soon.

"Prayer isn't magic. God is not a genie. Prayer is warfare. We're laboring with God to resist forces of evil to bring about His will on earth as it is in Heaven. Prayer is a form of social and spiritual revolt. We're revolutionaries!"
Greg Boyd in Scorpions, Eggs and Prayer part I