Thursday, September 22, 2011

thursday flurry of activity

Mirlande shared with the class about her birth experience

6 lbs 8 ounce baby boy for Jocelyn

Jocelyn arrived at 9:45 and delivered 10:57 - sat in class an hour later


Esther's baby is still breech

Jocelyn and her 5th son, she says he is the grand finale

Olina waiting patiently for her delivery day - doing great
For those praying for the ladies that are due now ... two of eight have delivered. The first couple of weeks can be tricky because of their living conditions, please keep praying when you think of them.

I'm too spazzy to string together much information tonight so I'll keep it brief.  We celebrated Beth's birthday, had a quick and easy delivery of a baby boy, did prenatal checks on the due ladies and a few others.

I was feeling pretty pompy and texted Troy at 11:50 a.m. to tell him that prior to noon I had run seven miles, spent time with the two little girls, frosted four cakes, helped deliver a baby, and tested 14 pee samples. Like you do. After that Jen and I took turns poking needles in me trying to see if our hemoglobin machine was working correctly.

 Then we watched a silly Haiti style program/show that the ladies put together ... It included dancing that made all the expats nervously laugh and fidget - but that everyone else loved.
Happy Birthday Beth - as your gift we want you to feel awkward and uncomfortable!  After the show we celebrated by eating massive quantities of butter and sugar before doing the scheduled prenatal checks.

Mirlande and baby Eli are doing great.  She beamed today. (See photo proof.)  She spoke briefly with the class about her experience giving birth at Heartline last Sunday morning.

Jocelyn acted like giving birth was tantamount to a light cardio work-out ... She stood in front of class and shared about her labor and delivery approximately 63 minutes after her son entered the world. No lie. 

Today was one of those happy chaos days that we all really love. Nothing horribly sad, much celebration, new life, and with new life, HOPE!

Tomorrow morning Dr. Jen is going to do a little science lesson with the kids at the Maternity Center and they'll get to see their inards on ultrasound.  Being an MK in Haiti has its perks. Seeing your kidneys is one of them.