Thursday, September 15, 2011

a dignified birthing experience

Ylna and 2 day old Christina ~ Sheila and 4 day old Gabriella
Yesterday I saw this on Facebook: 
"Their work at dignifying the birthing experience for Haitian women is inspiring."  
It was written by expats that delivered with Heartline in 2009.

22yrs of love in Haiti - Beth McHoul
I know that most of us cannot imagine any other option besides "dignified" when it comes to such a momentous event.  Why should we? Barring emergencies, we expect the birth of a child to be both beautiful and dignified.

If only that were true for poor women around the world.

Today at class Ylna and Sheila shared about the births of their babies earlier this week and both said that having experienced other options with previous births, they felt cared for and loved by our program.  They felt valued and important. They felt safe and secure. They shared their gratefulness for the program and the atmosphere of love and community.

I sat in the front row concentrating hard not to miss any of their fast Kreyol. I sat and I listened and I felt grateful that God made a way for this to be true for them. Thank you LORD. 

Because today is a very special anniversary for two people we respect,  I also felt grateful that twenty-two years ago today John and Beth moved to Haiti to bring the love of Christ with them and to offer dignity and love and friendship to so many. 

Ylna's new baby Christina

Jonna teaching Alloune excercises

three Harbor House teen moms all due soon

Heather & LourdesMilla

Thank you Lord that women are finding love and meeting you in this place.  I pray you continue to guide and direct and provide for this program.   I pray that more women would find dignity and your strong unconditional love. Amen.

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