Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update on the Texans

Yesterday someone asked about Britt and Chris and what the latest is with them.  For those interested here is the brief rundown on our grown up kids.

They are still in Waco, still homeowners and parents of three dogs. There are no grandchildren on the way - but every so often I randomly call Troy 'grandpa troy' just to watch him choke on his food.

Chris is still the aquatics and family programming director for the Waco YMCA. He also continues to work part-time as a youth pastor at an area church. He is back at Baylor. He is working on his Masters in social work at Baylor's School of SW.

Don't ask me how they juggle all of that.

Britt is busy too. I still can't really believe she doesn't live with us anymore. I figured out how busy she is when I saw her fancy signature on the bottom of her emails.  The signature is proof that she's not larding out or partying much ... so I guess that even though it feels like she just left,  it has really been three almost four years already.

Here it is:
Britt B. , BA International Studies
Master's in Public Health '13
HED1145 Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dept. of HHPR, Baylor University

The translation of this is that she finished school in December and is now back in school. She is teaching health classes at Baylor and is working toward her Master's in Public Health.  The most exciting possibility we've heard about so far is that she might be able to do her five week practicum in Haiti.  Grandpa Troy was pretty excited to tell me about this possibility last week.  We're hoping it works out for next summer.

I asked her to create a fancy signature for me. She came through.  Mine is not nearly as high-brow as hers.  It includes less flashy accolades, such as being the rope climbing champion of the 3rd grade at Northport Elementary School.   (RCC3G)  There were other equally fabulous letters added,  I'll probably incorporate them into a new email sig. line soon.

We try to go see them on their turf once a year.  We were able to do that ever-so-briefly this past May.   Thankfully they are going to come spend some time with us at the end of this year and over the New Year holiday.

We miss these two busy smarties very much.