Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Widlene Delivered

Widlene arrived at the Maternity Center around 11pm Monday.  She labored through the night. Heather and I handled labor watch for most of the night. Beth joined us around 4 because she couldn't sleep. Labor watch involved much puking last night. It was a little bit nutty.

The bravest moment of the entire night came around 3:45 am when a rat entered the house (and labor room) and we did not completely lose all our marbles.  Soldiers.  That's what we are.

Oh, and Widlene was pretty brave pushing out a baby too.  ;)

Widlene's daughter weighs six and a half pounds and was born at 6:45 am.

The sweet little baby girl with Widlene's eyes struggled a little bit to get breathing on her own, but is now doing well. Widlene hasn't yet chosen a name for her daughter.