Friday, September 30, 2011

Counting down ...

With four births this week, we are down to three ladies left that are due soon.  We'll put together a new list of the next round of ladies soon.

Still left to deliver:  Esther, Olina, Mama Emmanuel

History on the ladies:
Post One
Post Two

Olina -  Yesterday her BP was very high.  She was switched to a new BP med and will come in again today to be rechecked.  Please be praying for this situation to be controlled and that Elizabeth can be delivered at Heartline.

Esther -  After her fear about dying was talked about, she had a good week.  She was in again yesterday and was happy.

Mama Emmanuel -  Jen and Beth went to Petit Goave and moved Mama E. to live in the postpartum wing at Heartline until she delivers.  She and little Emmanuel will hang out and help out until the baby comes.  Her husband will come to Port once she is in labor.

(Photo updates coming later.)

We are off to catch a little plane to Cap Haitian.
MOSES is on his way to his next adventure.