Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blahbity blah blah


I can't put my finger on the mood ... it's not melancholy, anger or the blues. (To quote an excellent Sara Groves song.)

Today is a weird day. I am restless.

Troy was dropping the Hoppa's at the airport for their journey back to Michigan, then meeting with John to get some wise advice on our decision. He was supposed to be back a long time ago.

I am anxious to hear John's thoughts so it feels like Troy has been gone for days. Three phone calls got cut off within 30 seconds --- that does not necessarily leave you feeling like you are on the same page. Now I can't get a call out. Stellar phones/communication in this country.

At nap time I attempted to distract myself from my impatience and nervyness with a good run --- but it did not really work, I just kept slowing the treadmill down to see if I could hear the truck coming up the drive.

Additionally, I think training to run a marathon without two Chiropractor appointments a week - may just be a pipe dream. How quickly I forgot, that the only reason I was able to do this in the past was because I had somebody fixing me up every four days.

Time, and my poor aching lower back and ankles will tell I guess. Blah. If you know of a Chiropractor, who wants to give up his or her practice and cushy life, to move to the developing world and work with a patient that does not want to pay much for the help, send them this way. If they can come tomorrow, that would be better.

Trrrroooooyyyyyy where are you?

(Troy is home now. Don't worry Mom's)