Friday, September 15, 2006


We are praying for the lady in the middle of this photo. We would appreciate it if you would join us. She is reportedly burned over 60% of her body and was turned away at the preferred hospital last night. Getting quality medical care here is often (almost always) very difficult. We are not sure if the Dr. on duty just did not want to deal with her or if the beds were full or what might have happened.

She was brought to a different hospital for the night. Sadly, you cannot go to just any hospital. Some are not equipped or prepared to help. They will take you and bill you but they may not actually help you.

Please pray that she is able to get all of the very best help that she needs and that she fights infection. Burns are serious, serious business in the U.S. where things are sanitary and there is a good hospital every five minutes ...

Please pray for Madame Bozor today.