Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sisters Team Up

This little guy slipped and fell into the canal. His head hit the cement edge, slicing it open pretty deep. There are cement canals that run along the dirt road. The United States put them in back in the 50's ... they divert rivers into different canals as needed. It is a consistent supply of (dirty) water for laundry, dishes, bathing, playing, and watering fields for many rural villages.

Britt had an able assistant in Paige today. She talked to Makenson to keep him from being too afraid, held his hand and assisted Britt as needed. Paige said her main two duties were dabbing Makenson's head when it bled and dabbing Britt's sweat. She wants to point out she used different pieces of gauze for both duties. :-)

Makenson's grandma was not too fond of blood, needles or watching the girls work. She was very nervous. The ladies forgot to take an after photo but he comes tomorrow for a cleaning so they said they would get one for you then. Seven stitches, he's as good as new.

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