Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Fun (?)

After Paige aced her test for today and Britt completed all of her schoolwork, the girls talked me into a walk to Barbancourt. Barbancourt is a neighboring village, about a half an hour walk from home. These school kids were walking home and thought we were very weird to walk just for the fun of it. (They got LoveBundles today too.)

(The photos are not Troy-quality (my apologies) because Troy did not come with)

It was a beautiful path, we enjoyed the walk. We turned around to head home. I don't walk around in fear here, I really don't. As a female I am a little chicken about distance running alone and carry mace if I have to go without Troy, but overall I trust most of the guys we come across will not try to mess with me. When I run with Beth in Port I feel a little edgy but I figure she knows when to be afraid and I just follow her lead.

Today I was not the least bit concerned or on alert. I was in back with Britt leading and Paige in the middle. We were walking single file along side of a water canal so there was a lot of noise. Out of nowhere an arm was around my shoulder ---- I totally went nuts on the arm ---- CIA agent style. My reaction to an arm and hand on me without any warning was shockingly Alias-like. I whipped around fast and pushed off of the unknown body next to me -- all Kung-Fu style.

It was then that I saw Krispe, totally out of breath from running to catch up to us and scared for his life because he had no idea why I was about to pound his face in. I have a little cut on my lip from moving so fast that his nail scraped my face ... my fault, not his. The poor guy was scared to death. Britt explained that I was startled by his arm and had not heard or seen him approaching. OH, and that I don't normally violently attack people who are trying to greet me with a pat on the shoulder. I don't think he was convinced ... he walked way ahead of me the rest of the way home, turning around to check my position every so often.

Hopefully the word will get out that Madame Troy is not somebody to sneak up on ... unless you want to get a serious beat-down.