Monday, September 11, 2006

Medical Updates

By: Britt

I won't post the before image, but this is the final outcome. I am satisfied with the scarring - obviously a trained professional could have made it look better, but God worked it out and it remained infection-free. Titi said to me yesterday - (direct translation): "I want to compliment you on the good work you did. I pray that God will bless you for that." I kind of didn't know how to receive it - but that was exactly what I needed after being discontented with the results. Please continue to pray for Titi, he is now battling fevers and back pain and the beginning of a rash - probably Dengue fever, which I can personally testify as being extremely un-cool (and that's putting it nicely).

This knee belongs to a 16 year old named Boulos. He and his friend were on a motorcycle when they hit a rock and fell over - or something similar to that. I thought it might need stitches, but it ended up being just a bad surface scrape. I took a picture of what it looked like after I removed the barely-attached chunk of skin - but it was too bloody so I decided to spare you this time. :D

This is a burn that came in on Wednesday. He, an 8 month old named Role (Woe-lay), was standing near a hot pot when he set his hand on it. It already looks better than this; he will come everyday until it is healed. I will try to get a picture of his face; he is very cute and happy but the photo I took didn't turn out very well.