Friday, September 29, 2006

Haiti Fruit Lesson

Abriko n. large, round fruit with firm, orange flesh, similar in flavor to the American apricot

Chris and Leslie are the resident horticulture experts around these parts. We met up with them two weeks ago Monday to celebrate Mr. Big Stuff turning five. They apparently ran out of time to fly to the United States to shop at Wal-mart. Toys R Us has yet to make it to Port au Prince. So ... in true Haitian form they gave a gift of food. Ike was thrilled with his Abriko. We all got educated on another Haiti-grown fruit.

We had Lumen show us how to cut it up. Everyone tried it. Noah had an adverse response, demanding a napkin to spit it out. It does taste almost the same as a bland apricot.

On the counter in front of Isaac is a solar powered flashlight / radio combination --- with a SIREN feature. I know I often wish I could turn a siren on when I am searching for something in the dark. Thanks John McHoul for this marvelous gift.

We are currently formulating our plan for revenge.


Friday night, Go Rangers!


Isaac is a tropical storm, but a weak wimpy one. He won't make much of a name for himself by the looks of it.

Have a great weekend. All of our thanks, love, and appreciation. T&T