Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Stuff

We had a busy weekend.

Saturday we cleaned and did all the nasty jobs that we almost never get around to doing. Dusting the corners, dusting picture frames, cleaning cob webs from high corners, deep bathroom cleaning, washing rugs ... such fun.

Troy attended Pastor's Training to watch the format and prepare for the future, when he will be organizing and sometimes teaching/leading it. Yet another example of the way God can use you even in areas that you don't feel the least bit gifted.

On Sunday most of us went down to church here at Lifeline. Some of us went to the 'church of the treadmill.' After church we got ready for friends from our Port au Prince church to come out for a late lunch. It was Beth's birthday, we hosted her party. As usual we had no idea how many were showing up and we just hoped we had the right amount of food. Four cars pulled in so it seemed doable, right up until 14 people got out of each car. John just laughs and says "The Livesay's are flexible, that's what I love about them." Meanwhile I was pacing around telling my kids to gnaw on their arms if they were hungry - because I did not think I had enough meat to feed all the people.

As it turned out we had a little of everything left over, the taco meat was multiplied like the fishes and loaves and everyone went away full and happy. As is the case every time we make Taco's, everyone went on and on about how good they were. Any chance I get to fool people into thinking I can cook, I'll take it. At some point you would think they would realize, "Hey, every time we come to Troy and Tara's we have Taco's ." But not yet. Until they notice we will just keep scamming them.

Madame Bozor's father came to see if he could get a loan for her funeral. He shared that he has a cow to sell but everyone knows that he is desperate for money. If he sells it now he won't get what it is worth. That's why he wanted the loan. The funeral is probably going to be Thursday, they are working on the plans now. We have attended one funeral since moving here nine months ago. It was a cultural experience. We did not know that young girl well, so this will certainly be a different, more personal, experience. Paige grieved so much when the burns happened that she seems to be doing pretty well with the news of Mme Bozor's death. Thanks for your prayers for the Armond/Bozor family - and our family. We feel loved and supported.