Thursday, September 21, 2006

Update - "Come Unto Me"

Madame Bozor Update-
Tuesday Troy went to General Hospital to see how Mme Bozor was doing. He thought she seemed about the same. They had moved her away from the entryway and into what Troy thought was a better looking (read: less horrific) area. He watched her have a bandage change and said many of the burns appear to be second degree, with just a few small areas of third degree. Just call him Dr. Troy. ;-) (The Haitian Dr. gave the same assessment.)

Her sister is staying there with her and has been given money to get the medicines to provide the hospital with. Once she is well enough to be off of the IV (and off of heavy pain meds) she will be going to a ministry about 50 minutes from us for daily bandage changes. They have a specialized clinic for burn patients. Barring some major infection we feel like she has a really good chance of making a full recovery. We know so many of you have been praying for her, Troy passed that along to her. Thank you for your continued prayers.

It seems that in Haiti, truth is elusive. Truth is whatever the majority decides it is ... whether or not it makes sense or matches up with the evidence. In this case everyone seems to have forgotten the story they originally told us. It appears the majority of family and friends are going with "it was a cooking accident." We happen to believe that either she did it to herself or he did it to her ... the cooking accident thing sounds nice, but it is not the truth.

This is a maddening fact of living here. Lying is something people think nothing of ... and maybe that is true all over the messed up world, but sometimes it seems like people here will lie even when it is beyond comprehension and there is much proof to refute it. One guy told us once "I can't tell the truth, my family won't forgive me." What do you do with that?

Pride and honesty issues go hand in hand in our rookie opinion.

More maddening things later ... for now to quote our friend Chad Hoeft, "Lets bring in the positive, keep out the negative."


"Come Unto Me" Lyrics - Nicole C. Mullen

Are you looking for someone to be gentle -With your broken heart your shattered dreams - And are you searching for someone who'll be faithful -To you no matter what life brings - Well i know the maker of the storm, the sunrise - He is both the lion and the lamb - He is strong enough to shake all earth and heaven - Yet meek enough to take me as I am.

He says come unto to me - All who are weary - And I will give you rest - Bring what hurts - Bring your scars - Bring the load that you carry - And I will give you rest - Are the clouds above your head ooh so heavy - Bursting with showers of despair - And do you struggle under more then you can carry - Has life given more then you can bare - And would you like to trade your failurs in for victories - Like piles of ashes in from piles of gold - And can you fall down like a child who is helpless - So he can pick you up and make you whole - He says come unto to me -All who are weary - And I will give you rest - Bring what hurts- Bring your scars - Bring the load that you carry - And I will give you rest.