Friday, September 01, 2006

Hurricane Isaac?

2006 Atlantic Storm Names-

Alberto Beryl Chris Debby Ernesto Florence Gordon Helene Isaac
Joyce Kirk Leslie Michael Nadine Oscar Patty Rafael Sandy Tony
Valerie William

This site says they predict 12 to 15 named storms this year.
Isaac is very likely to make a name for himself.

Isaac and Hope managed to stick with structured "school" time for 2.5 hours. They are both very excited to "be like Paige." The major realization for Ike today happened when he asked, "What number grade is Paige in?" Followed by, "What number grade am I in?" Followed by, "PRE-SCHOOL is NOT a number!" He is bummed out about this news but we'll help him through it. ;-) When I asked if they wanted to work on letters or numbers first, Isaac screamed "NUMBERS" at the exact time Hope said "Letters." It should be a fun fall.

Paige woke up, ate her eggs, got dressed and got busy. She is currently deep into pronouns and thrilled at the variety of ways she can re-write a sentence.

On an unrelated topic, a few have asked why Haitian women have five, seven, ten kids when they cannot provide for them. The answer is complicated. The reasons are many. Cultural norms cannot be underestimated. In the USA people who have five to 12 kids are the freaks. (I say that because it is how society views them, not me.) In Haiti people who have one or two kids are weird and unusual. Cultural norms.

Below is a response from a friend who has lived here many years, just to graze the surface of some of the reasons. I don't post this to cause trouble with anyone, good people disagree on birth-control. I assume we will.

The Catholic church has taught them that birthcontrol is wrong. The Bible teaches children are a blessing. (And they are!) There is status in having as many as possible. If you have 10 maybe 6 will live and 2 will have jobs and take care of you when you are old (insurance). Ignorance, lack of education, lack of understanding how one actually gets pregnant. They also have the ability to give away those they can't raise (give to auntie, grandma, orphanages etc).

I am amazed by large families. (Go Sarah!) I support my friends with 4 - 12 children. But when you cannot raise and feed your children, I think it changes everything. At that point it is time to look closer at the issues and try to figure out a solution.