Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad/Papa!

Born October 1, 1950: A loving dad. A great man. A good friend. A bad golfer.

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Hey Dad-
I wish I could hug you. Consider this your cyber-hug and your birthday card all wrapped up in one. In case you cannot make out the hyper audio post, most everyone was saying "Happy Birthday," except Isaac, he said: "Hi Grandpa are you glad I am 5?" It's all about him I guess.
I could not ask for a better dad. I love you.
Troy's blog-card is below. He means it in the most loving way possible. He says in late November you'll be seeing a lot of this view at the lush Petionville golf club.

The kids said: They miss you, and they sure wish they were getting in on the Birthday lunch at the Monte Carlo. Enjoy your day. We can't wait to have you back down here again.

Kisses and Hugs, Britt-Paige-Isaac-Hope-Noah & Peanut too.