Friday, September 22, 2006

Ladies Only Post

I cannot resist telling Troy's embarrassing story for the week. I especially enjoy it because when Troy came in to tell me he was still reeling and traumatized from the horror of it all.

As the Hoppa's prepare to exit, they have been giving some of their stuff away. One of the items placed in the give-away pile, was a box of Tampons.

The box of stuff emptied fast, all except for that one item. None of the cooks knew what it was. Troy had noticed when he opened things up one morning that there were a few opened packages around the canteen. He was curious but not curious enough to ask what that was all about, and especially not when it would require asking 9 ladies.

Later in the day our interpreter, a 27 year old guy named Robenson, came to Troy and said, "The cooks don't know what these are, can you explain it to me so I can go tell them?"

If you know Troy very well this is much more entertaining. Troy tried to give the dumbed down version and walk away, but Robenson really insisted on exact information.

HA ... poor red-faced, humiliated Troy. His job duties extend further than he knew. Add 'ladies personal hygiene consultant' to the growing list.