Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Addressing Some Unrelated Questions

Briefly ...

Our dog, "Peanut" or "her Doginess" is a Mastiff. 120lbs of needy sweet cuteness. She is not yet full-grown. So, I don't know if she was what you thought was an Anatolian Shepard??? We got her from a nice Haitian guy that works for World Vision. He owns Peanut's mom. The dad is Beth and John McHouls dog ... Beth and John have a lot of Mastiff grand-puppies all over this island and in the United States. Someday we hope to breed Peanut, so keep us in mind in about 18 months if you are looking for a giant and lovable dog.

For the person who sent me the Haitian proverb in Creole. I think it means "Cooked food has no master" ---- which I interpret to mean, that in Haiti, if you've prepared a meal, it is for everyone to share ... a very Haitian way of being generous with your food and resources. AM I RIGHT?

I have determined that I understand much more Creole then I give myself credit for ... I just have very little confidence for speaking Creole. Paige continues to work with me and I am slowly improving. I never should have refused to try for so long, it was a bad move. I'll get there though!

The 'Fathers and Sons' post below is from Troy's mountain trip. The middle photo is Pastor Rony, the Lifeline pastor, and his dad. Rony thinks his dad is around 72 years old. They are so sweet together and clearly have a wonderful relationship.

Sophie is still with Licia and Lori at the Cazale rescue center and Licia reports that she is gaining weight steadily. She was a pathetic 12 lbs at 17 months of age --- but was up almost two pounds when we spoke with Licia a week ago already. She is being raised by her elderly grandma. Licia says she has taken a liking to an older lady at the rescue center and prefers to have that lady holding her over all the other younger nannies. Please keep praying for Sophie, she is such a little doll, she holds a special place in our hearts. We're hoping she can get healthy and fat and come back to LaDigue soon.

Declan and Troy disappeared to work in the clinic a long time ago, they must be accomplishing something to have been gone so long. We gave the full mission, and partial village tour first thing this morning. We will venture into Port on Wednesday to stock up and prepare for the weekend team.

I've got nothing else for you ... Troy is the one who needs to get typing and posting, he is full of stories. Have a great evening.