Thursday, December 07, 2006

Quick Post

By Britt:

Here's an updated picture of Jeanclauder's arm. He first came November 11th, so it took just under a month to heal.
Also, today sweet baby Lovely came for formula and a weight check. She is now only an ounce and a half shy of ten pounds. She's very alert and her color is totally normal. :)
This is what I was working on earlier. Enoch, the little guy who got cut, was playing with his friend. They told me he got cut with a 'wou.' I wasn't familiar with this Creole word so with the help of a friend, we determined that the word means garden hoe and wheel (one word, two meanings. Welcome to the Creole language!) So for whatever reason, they were playing with a garden hoe and the one little boy hit the other. No good!