Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Coordinates and Pictures

Sorry, no time for more long descriptions and anecdotes from the hike. I've been too busy pretending to be a plumber and an electrician. As Mr. Steen said, however, "all that just gets in the way of the math" anyway, so I will pause to post the important stuff. Other things to note - I'm happy to report that I'm really not very sore at all after the adventure...except for my left kneecap which feels like someone tried to remove it with a claw hammer. I'd much rather be going up a mountain than down one - the descent is very hard on the knees.

Petit Bwa

North 18 degrees 51 feet 49 inches

West 72 degrees 32 feet 47 inches

Pastor Oddic's Home (Where we slept Saturday night - the church is 20 feet to the north)

North 18 degrees 54.625'

West 72 degrees 30.613'

Merilien's Family Home (Merilien works for Lifeline and serves in the church)

North 18 degrees 55.173'

West 72 degrees 31.668'

Have fun finding the sites on Google Earth or GPS or any other mapping devices. The trail is fairly easy to see as well if you follow it on G.E., but I haven't found a way to post a track from the GPS to the blog. I'll keep working on it.