Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Day That Was

Just like her mom, Hope cleans in heels.

Troy had one of those, 'Port-au-Prince, why do you despise me' days. He told me on the phone a bit ago that he had enough material to write a blog ... but he gives me that line a lot. No promises here. He has been in the most exhausting city in the universe since 7am, he may just vegetate for the evening.

He did say that Season 4 of 24 is in his hot little hands. We got an e-mail yesterday saying that Showtime is debuting a new show about terrorism and because they had seen we were fans of 24 would we be willing to watch the pilot of the new show and give a review on our blog. How random is that? I wrote them and told them we don't have Showtime, or TV reception. Thanks though.

Today's excitement ... A good reason to wear shoes. Or not step on glass.
Before, during, after.