Saturday, December 02, 2006

Language Challenged

Today is a new day. Paige has officially begun to tutor me in the Creole language. I have failed miserably ... And really, I have not tried hard enough. I am done using the "I'm a mom stuck in the house a lot" excuse. I am learning this language. Mark my words.
It is high time I learn to say things outside of: good morning, good afternoon, how are you, I am good, you need troy?, you want Britt? you need keys? why? i am going, thank you, see you later, and what's happening?
After eleven months, I'm thinking truly knowing the language might help me feel more confident when Troy, Britt and Paige are not around. Bold step I know ... by the time I see you next, I will be able to converse with you a bit in Creole. -Tara
By Paige-
My mom is doing really well with Creole, she has learned a bunch of words, I will now only be talking to her in creole because that will help her. I am proud of her! It is fun to teach her something.