Friday, December 29, 2006

Quick Run-Down

I know that friends and family of the NewJoy Church team are waiting to hear what their loved-ones are up to down here ... so here is a brief mid-day rundown.

  • Scott Farkas and Dave Foy argue a lot. It is entertaining.
  • Dave is a night person. That works fine, until 6am arrives ... then, not so much.
  • Dave was 15 minutes late to the prayer rock this morning.
  • Most of the team had to ride in the back of the truck after dark for a two hour drive home from Port last night, everyone was brave and did well.
  • We have toured the mission, gone up to the dam and looked around the village.
  • The group just left to take de-worming medicine to a satellite feeding center and de-worm approximately 350 kids.
  • Dave Foy is working on behalf of a lady in MN who is considering building a school in Haiti and is checking out the land Lifeline owns over at one of the satellite feeding centers, that would be an amazing thing if it all comes together. God thinks big and connects people in ways we can never even imagine. Dave is reporting his findings to her later tonight. Thank goodness for the Internet!
  • All the teenagers and kids seem a little overwhelmed but everybody is hanging in there and slowly absorbing it all. The term "sensory overload" had been tossed around a bit.
  • The amount of snacks, goodies, toys, gifts, etc, etc that you all sent down is AMAZING -- we are blessed to call you our church and our family and our home ... man, you don't kid around. THANK YOU! (I need to thank all of you specifically, I am currently overwhelmed with all that you did for us ... but know until you hear from me in a more personal way that we are touched by your thoughtfulness.)
  • For the record Troy hid the cashews, but I know where. I hid the bear-claws and fancy chocolates, no one knows where. Steaks ... we have steaks in our freezer now.
  • The suitcase with a turkey and a ham got stolen. We are a little bummed, but somebody in Port au Prince is having a great New Year's meal soon.
  • There is a family that is praying and considering coming to Haiti. I don't know if it is okay to give out names, we just learned of it this morning and are so pumped ... please just pray that God helps Lifeline find His people to do His work here. Soon.
  • Everyone from NewJoy got a huge kick out of Paige's leadership skills and said that she pretty much owns the Miami and Port au Prince airports ... if you are scared to come to Haiti, just let us know and we will book you with Paige sometime. :)
  • Britt did some sutures on a machete cut a bit ago, she had a large New Joy audience and it all went well. We wondered if it would make her nervous, but she says no big deal.
  • Our three littlest ones and I still feel pretty cruddy, please pray for fast healing, we want to feel good and enjoy our friends while we have them here.
  • Now I must nap.

More later if time allows ... thanks for your prayers and to all of you who helped get this group down here by sacrificing financially and otherwise --- THANK YOU!