Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas in the Caribbean

We picked up Lisa and Declan at 5:00 today. We've spent the last two hours looking at all the fun loot they brought us.

Thanks Todd and Nichol for the chocolate and sunscreen. Thank you Jill & the ladies at Perkins Capital Management, and Birdie and friends too!

Our Christmas tree snow and lights arrived with them and it is officially Christmas time in La Digue now. I feel cheery and light. It may not last long, we now have enough chocolate tocause massive weight gain.

:-) Yay for old friends!

I met Lisa my first day of school at Park Brook Elementary in Brooklyn Park, MN. I was a new 5th grader and had just moved into the neighborhood. She invited me to eat lunch at her lunch table. We've been best friends ever since. :-)

Troy is still gathering thoughts and photos to share more about his trip, some of the video is so cute, I know you'll enjoy it. Tomorrow Declan and Troy are tackling a electrical project. We'll find you later. Have a good evening.