Saturday, December 02, 2006

Getting To Work

For those of you who are SICK and tired of supporting Troy's playboy missionary lifestyle, I thought you might like to know; he is back at work today.

The five days of Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years and multiple-Birthday celebrations with Mom and Dad are officially in the past ... a distant, pleasant memory. Back to reality. We shoved months of celebrating into five delicious days.

Lifeline is preparing all the year end reports for their donors which required lots of compiling information and examination of the previous year. After that project is complete, he is working in the second building to finish one of the two apartments. We had a second team add for mid-December, creating motivation to get some loose ends wrapped up.

In the month of December we will have guests 18 of 31 days. Lots of folks getting in on my fabulous cooking. Too bad for you, you're missing it.

Speaking of all that you are missing ... I think we have made this clear, but just in case we haven't :

TO: Our Dear family and friends-

You have a standing, open invitation to come to Haiti. We will pick you up, show you around, take care of your basic needs, give you a nice place to sleep and feed you edible food. This invitation includes our aunts and uncles, Britt and Paige's families ... anyone who wants to come can come. This is your formal invitation. End of invitation.

FROM: T & T & B & P


We will stay around here most of this weekend, forgoing a trip to Port-au-Prince due to the elections taking place on Sunday. The security briefings suggest that staying put is a better idea for expatriates.

Please pray for political peace and stability for Haiti. Pray the election goes well and the country begins to trust the process and have patience while waiting to see improvement and change.

Living and working here is an exciting challenge for all of us. We're thankful for the opportunity to serve. Thank-you for helping us be here. Have a great winter weekend.