Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas in the Caribbean & Elsewhere

We hope you are enjoying Christmas wherever you are.

Yesterday we went to Port for church, then to John & Beth's house for Christmas Eve lunch. We had a great time.

We picked up an extra person for the week. Our friends who operate an orphanage were leaving for a few days so we took this little beauty to help lighten the load of responsibility at the orphanage. She is not much trouble though, she slept from 8pm to 1am and 1:30 to 7am. :) We are enjoying her happy easy-going personality.

We are headed to the beach in a bit to try and get away from working today. If we stay at the mission, we work. There is no such thing as a "holiday" when you work where you live. While the kids were opening presents early this morning, I think Troy answered the gate four times. And that was in the time it took 5 and 2 year olds to open four gifts each ... So you understand why we're escaping for the day. It is the best way to enjoy some down time. After we give the cooks their gifts, off we'll go with baby in tow.
Christmas is not necessarily peace and calm all over the world, there is chaos and hardship in many places, including Haiti. Here is an interesting article to help remind us all to pray for people who are not experiencing full bellies, calm households or peace in their lands today.