Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blogging Hiatus

If I don't forewarn everybody that I am not going to be posting for a few days, I'll receive concerned emails. We have created expectations along the way it seems. :)

Just wanted to let you know, I am taking a few days away from the blog to focus my attention elsewhere and just get un-bored with myself and the blog. By Monday I might have something interesting to say.

Troy has some photos to post, maybe he'll get around to that soon. I am not the artist, when I pick photos to post they are never the ones that he thinks are best.

We have a crazy-busy few weeks ahead. First, Troy is heading five hours into the mountains with Pastor Rony. They leave at 3am Saturday. He has never done anything quite like this, we're sure it will prove to be an adventure. He will be sleeping in a mountain Haitian home for two nights. His one requirement for Rony: There must be a five gallon bucket and a water source for his 2X daily shower needs.

Those of you who know Troy, understand that he is not capable of missing any bathing opportunities. We always tease him for showering before he does some nasty sweaty job first thing in the morning. In his defense, he is kind of a greasy guy. He works hard to combat the grease. Hopefully Rony takes the water and bucket requirement seriously, or he'll be dealing with the crabby/temperamental Troy for 48+ hours.

Troy without shower = cranky baby

Our friends come Monday for a week, a group from Three Angels is coming next Thursday for the day, a team of 8 comes in on the 17th, another couple is visiting us on the 19th. On December 23 everybody clears out. Our home church in MN is sending 12 people down on the 28th. La Digue is getting to be quite the hot spot.

Time FLIES here anyway, but this will mean that in a blink December will be gone and we're staring 2007 in the eye. That's crazy.

Paiger today, with a couple of scratched up second graders that needed band-aids.

Two of the three guys in my life ... Photo from last week.

Britt with Sinyola last week.

Britter is down stairs stitching a cut up, the cuts seem to come in waves. She says she'll blog later.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for your kindness and support.